Learning and sharing is the heart of what we do at YUMI. We’ve run projects providing opportunities to learn about cookery, arts, crafts, gardening, design, professional skills, languages, organising events, English culture and personal development. We’ve even provided opportunities to learn about running a chocolate tasting workshop!

All of the opportunities we provide support people from diverse cultural backgrounds living in York to learn new skills or improve existing ones, make new friends and potentially make significant and lasting changes in their lives.

Learn with YUMI...in our Community Garden

We have provided lots of opportunities to learn about gardens and growing food plants from around the world while working alongside people of all ages and different cultures in a safe and pleasant environment.

Caring for a garden can provide a huge sense of achievement. These experiences, along with hard work, encourage people to respect their environment and learn how things within the environment work together. There are also opportunities to develop language and social skills at the garden.

If you're interested in getting involved in the garden project, or just want to drop by to find out more: Helen is there on Fridays and Saturdays. You can just drop in, or contact Helen for details: helenyumi@gmail.com

Learn with YUMI...our Cook's Project

If you think you might want to cook and learn about flavours and ways of cooking from round the world, get in touch with us contact@yumiyork.org. We're always happy to have new cooks. And if you're English and love doing English cooking then that's fine too!:

Whether cooking is a hobby or a job you dream of doing one day we offer opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge and to take part in projects that will help you challenge yourself and do things that make you proud of yourself.

Our cooks have learnt many useful skills and achieved the following:

  • CIEH Level Two Award in Food Safety in Catering
  • Taken part in small-scale catering for local conferences/events/parties/festivals
  • Prepared and served traditional recipes
  • Presented food and decorated stalls at public events
  • Written and sold recipes cards
  • Business planning, portioning

Not all our cooks want to do public events or catering, so everyone has the chance to get involved at the level that suits them. This might be cooking workshops in YUMI cooks’ homes to learn how to prepare a traditional dish/meal, which is then eaten together. Every cook who takes part in any public activity has to achieve CIEH Level Two Award in Food Safety in Catering.

Our cooks’ project includes all sorts of opportunities to learn about food from different cultures and become more interactive with people in the community.

Learn with YUMI...languages

Providing an opportunity for interactions in an environment where individuals feel comfortable is really important to us so we make sure we offer are lots of opportunities for people from different cultural backgrounds to develop language skills.

Whether you’re learning about plants in the Garden, sharing traditional dishes at Cooks’ Workshops, testing recipes, meeting people at events, helping design flyers we’re here to provide training and support to help people develop language skills. We’ve written lists of essential vocabulary in advance, used a translator, provided copies of training course materials in advance, and one person was even able to do the test it her home language! We’re very resourceful and know lots of people who can support you!

We’re currently looking at supporting a conversation group that would involve people getting together to develop English language skills. Make sure you join our mailing list for more details.

Learn with YUMI...design

YUMI projects have offered practical and creative knowledge to people keen to learn about designing for print and web.

Our flexible approach to training has often provided opportunities for group work as well as one-to-one support from our project team. We like to support you to take risks, learn as you approach sometimes difficult situations that organisations face when producing design for print and web.

Through our projects people from diverse cultural backgrounds with a range of design knowledge and skills (from some to none!) have gained valuable experience of this kind of work in the UK.

We always make sure people have the chance to put this learning in to practice through practical tasks needed to deliver our projects like designing flyers and posters and even creating this website!

Learn with YUMI...event co-ordination

All of our events bring together people from different cultural backgrounds providing a chance to meet other people and address loneliness. The contribution of volunteers is an enormously important part of these events as they join us to develop and share their skills in the community.

People interested in running and helping out with our events have received training and support in all areas of organising and running different types of events including open days, festivals, film shows, story shares, craft activities and children’s activities. As well as helping people improve their knowledge about planning and running events it gives volunteers and participants a chance to contribute to York’s community life and really feel part of it.

First we find out what sort or training you need then we arrange a programme of training to suit your needs. So far training has included:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Health and safety
  • WordPress content management training
  • Publicity and marketing
  • Social media
  • Policies – data protection, handling sensitive data
  • Equipment operation (where relevant)

This can provide opportunities for volunteers to develop the following skills:

  • Self confidence
  • Team working
  • Cultural awareness
  • Organisational skills
  • Time management