Learn with YUMI…our Cook’s Project

If you think you might want to cook and learn about flavours and ways of cooking from round the world, get in touch with us. We’re always happy to have new cooks. And if you’re English and love doing English cooking then that’s fine too!:Whether cooking is a hobby or a job you dream of one day doing we offer opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge and to take part in projects that will help you challenge yourself and so things that make you proud of yourself.strengthen the sense of belonging and confidence of people from different cultural backgrounds.Our cooks have learnt many useful skills and achieved the following:

  • CIEH Level Two Award in Food Safety in Catering
  • Taken part in small-scale catering for local conferences/events/parties/festivals
  • Prepared and served traditional recipes
  • Presented food and decorated stalls at public events
  • Written and sold recipes cards
  • Business planning, portioning

Not all our cooks want to do public events or catering, so everyone has the chance to get involved at the level that suits them. This might be cooking workshops in YUMI cooks’ homes to learn how to prepare a traditional dish/meal, which is then eaten together. Every cook who takes part in any public activity has to achieve CIEH Level Two Award in Food Safety in Catering. Our cooks’ project includes all sorts of opportunities to learn about food from different cultures and become more interactive with people in the community.