Originally from Bangladesh, Mona joined the project because she had always wanted to write. Her daughter told her she should write something, but she never felt confident enough.

'Since I was little, I want to write, but after school, I moved to UK and was really busy looking after family, but the idea of writing stayed in the back of my head all the time.'



Lynne got involved in the project because she wanted to explore photography in more depth and learn how to create ethereal, mysterious images.

Through the sessions with Karen, she found that her ideas about photography and what makes a good picture broadened and that she now looks at pictures differently.



Eleanor started volunteering in the YUMI garden in 2011 and, when she found out about this project, she jumped at the chance to participate because, she wanted to gain confidence as a photographer (having only taking holiday snaps before).

Throughout the project, she really enjoyed getting to know her camera more - trying out different techniques and styles (she's found that she loves black and white photography) and getting the chance to use Karen's film camera. She also loved working with Karen and the rest of the group.

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