Learn with YUMI…languages

Providing an opportunity for interaction in an environment where individuals feel comfortable is really important to us, so we offer lots of opportunities for people from different cultural backgrounds to develop language skills.

Whether you’re learning about plants in the Garden, sharing traditional dishes at Cooks’ Workshops, testing recipes, meeting people at events or helping design flyers, we’re here to provide training and support to help people develop language skills. We’ve written lists of essential vocabulary in advance, used a translator, provided copies of training course materials in advance, and one person was even able to do the test it her home language! We’re very resourceful and know lots of people who can support you!

For example we ran a brilliant project, The International Nursery Song Project, exploring traditional nursery songs with storyteller Thea Jacob who runs Songbox, a York-based family music group. The project saw parents from lots of different communities coming together to share and learn nursery songs from around the world. The project resulted in a nursery song book which is still widely used by families across the city!

We’re currently looking at developing a volunteer-led language buddying initiative and  supporting a conversation group that would involve people getting together to develop English language skills. Make sure you join our mailing list for more details.